Classic types of scaffolding designs in Birmingham

Scaffolding is a temporary stricture that is erected on the outside of a building during construction. It is used by constructors to move from one part of the building to the next during construction or repair. Also, the scaffolding material supports the workmen’s construction supplies as they construct, clean, or repair.

scaffolding Birmingham boasts of having numerous construction companies that specialize in scaffolding. As one would expect, the number of scaffolding designs has skyrocketed. You might be a contractor who wants to see the common types of scaffolding in Birmingham. Here are a few examples.

Supported scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is very common. Supported scaffolds are built from the bottom, going upwards. It comprises of platforms that are supported by the building it is adjacent to, or outer rigid beams. It is thought to be the easiest to make and the safest to use.

Suspended scaffolding

In this design, platforms are suspended by a structure that is erected above the platform, for example using ropes. The most common of the suspended scaffolding is known as the two-point scaffold.

Mobile Scaffolding

In this design, the scaffold platforms are connected to a set of wheels, making the entire scaffold structure mobile. Mobile scaffolds are designed for tasks that require the person to keep on changing position, such as painting and plastering. It is also used to move working supplies from one section of the construction to another.


As the name suggests, the structure stands on its own. It comprises of two rows of standards; each row runs parallel to the building. It is convenient to assemble, and common in small projects, like working on the ceiling. It is also known as double frame scaffolding in some areas.

Cantilever scaffolding

Also known as single frame scaffolding. The standards are attached to the wall. It is common where erecting scaffolding on the ground might hinder traffic, or when the ground is not stable enough.